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Travis County (Clark Jr. Gary)

Travis County took my picture But no, I didn't smile They told me I was gonna be here For a pretty long while One day I was walking down the street when I should've been walking down the hall Heard a voice calling out, saying "Ooh, where you going, y'all?" Now before I could've gathered my thoughts I turned around and I saw the cops I pointed arms up right when He told me I better stop Oooh, oooh They put my hands in cuffs Oh boy, they even locked me up When I thought that it was all a bluff Till they started taking my stuff Now I'm sittin' 'round in my cell Just a looking at the wall I didn't even get to make My one phone call After I was just sittin' 'round You know I started getting down When they let me out All I could do is scream and shout