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California Babylon (Transplants)

Watch me Waitress out dressed like nurses in bondage Brought me the check, said I want you to sign this Union boy standing next to the rastas There's gonna be a strike and you ain't gonna stop us Three men standing and they love what they do You won't see it coming, cause they wanna surprise you Consider it done, they're gonna stand right by you American punks don't care about you Hollywood what you gonna do? (2x) [Chorus:] Don't say that you don't understand Don't say that you can't comprehend Don't say that you don't understand, this is California Babylon, my man You can take away the nights with sights with bright lights Seeks still ride, engage in street fights Two to the head, pool of red, he's dead Suspect fled, caught up with bloodshed No sign of hope, we fight and sling dope Junkies to our left, no fix, they can't cope Violence won't cease, hand me the crow piece No peace or sleep, we fight with police This is the city that'll make all your dreams come true so pay attention [Chorus] At last she had arrived, we turned in exhausted Cocaine in her pocket, she can get busted Once again she passes, now she's gone Now she's with her friend, her beautiful young She showed up on the scene, she was 17 Now she's 21, she does some more coke, she does some more coke She drinks some whiskey and she smokes some dope She thinks she's a star (4x) Do you know who you are? (4x) [Chorus]