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We Trusted You (Transplants)

[Chorus:] We trusted you, we put out a helping hand Only in return, we get a stabbing in the back I paid a visit to a man who was pretty crazy Cooled off in the shade, we were feelin' lazy Trouble starts coming, nothing can phase me When tomorrow looks very hazy Took us for granted, let's start here Friendship over, so very clear Then what is fair is gonna be fair Fuck're over [Chorus] It's time to weed out the weak, do away with their lives I see it so clear now, through my open eyes Stood by your side, you put a knife in my back Never ever thought it'd be you who would do me like that But we live and we learn, or so it's said One thing about you, I can't wait till you're dead The mistakes I've made won't happen again Keep my enemies closer than I keep my friends It's got me fucked up, I just can't let it go Will we ever be the same? Well my answer is no Think about your death every goddamn day Wanna know what I think? This is what I must say I say we line 'em all up, then we gun 'em all down Then we all celebrate when they all hit the ground Don't wake up now, it's gonna be too late Don't give me that shit about cleaning the slate You've been at it too long, all your life that I've checked Now your time's almost up with a noose on your neck Smile in my face, better watch your back Two-faced motherfucker gets both jaws cracked [Chorus] [Instrumental] If you don't stand for nothing I can't really stand behind you Who knew you withdrew your point of view I lost mine, you cry and whine all the time And I cant stand aside or anywhere near you I'd get in check, you're a wreck, no respect, In effect you elect me to fuckin' hate you I'll break you down on the ground, I've found You're a clown, I'm around, you want war? I'll take you Stand aside, take a ride, I won't try, you're a lie, my lyrical lesson will teach you So take a stand if you can, my man, go where I stand, I'll hold my land But in the real world you get squashed and then stung Get hit bitch, slit, aw then you get hung in a fantasy all day long, it must be so fun being so fucking dumb [Chorus]