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Rachael (Taxiride)

Rachael, I'm sorry that we never had the time Making love could have last forever I will never let you go from the corners of my mind Never, say never Rachael, I'm dreaming of a day when you were mine We could have been so good together Lonely sitting here with just my thoughts beside me now Never, say never When you find the time I'd like to nestle in your arms Tangled in the deepest jungle Never been so kind All will be for sake Rachael, a lesson hard to learn is what I've found This difference has grown between us I was never one to show the way that my heart lies Save me from misery Rachael, it's taken far too long to realize You're everything that I could care for This paradise inside will never leave my heart and mind Together and forever With a lover's touch she will be Sending me away A promise of a new beginning Each and every day Even when we lie Could have been so good together now A new beginning every day Could have been so good together, Rachael Could have been so good together now But she's still sending me away