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The Last Three Human Words (Magnolia Electric Co.)

i know how you feel like your soul could use the rest but you're not my girl anymore you're a ghost in the west and tonight you're gonna make it down the black road alone don't cry now cause you're so much better off you're none of what you were but you're everything you lost and whatever you got back after that is worth whatever it cost you can climb to the top of the wall you can look down on it all you can never tell what you saw remember when you got here how the bending willows hung how your eyes stung from the mercury and you found on your tongue all the words to all the songs you were sure only the night could have sung and all the way down gospel street a dead bird was hauling an ivory box back from redemption you just buried the last chance you got and all the way down locust street a black ox was hauling a white willow box back from oblivion he just dug up the last chance you got he said the last three human words were the same as the first three words don't you ever wonder what they were?