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Angels Can't Fly (Bashy)

Bit lips... face, breathing in snow flakes Burned thoughts... Bite scar... struggling to pain... Long nights, it's too cold outside The angel fly, fly, fly, fly, fly The angel fly, fly, fly, fly, fly, Fly, angels to fly Oh angels to die Look, where I'm from, you don't see angels Mind just... you could get a brain fool Most tour are gonna stay... to get away It's like castration, takes balls No word from gabriel, nah Could sip my... Or get greedy trying to take your own crown All... but... mean If the fun's still available, make alliances Start taking cools... Just know that the roads in the game are... ... but you dodge them ... don't wanna engage them more But that ain't what they used to say before Now you're on your chase wanna change your course But they are at your yard, straight door to door ... outside, now I seen it happen so many times, you get me The angel fly, I know the last stars glamorous in that part Angels die Where I'm from you don't see angels Or you do, and the road takes them And places them in a messed up situation And kids are amazing but Now when you got 8 of them Struggling to provide plates for them Social end up taking them Now you can't take the stress Beautiful girls raised in the ends Abusive background, caught up in a... crowd Picked up a... down In the zones, happens to so many of them Beautiful... could have make millions ... f**k you know I... see them at every event And this shit's so sad man If you go outside, the angels fly Imagine that, never ending cycle She's just under the other half And goes... for a couple grams She don't wanna go outside tonight Cause in the... she'll fly to the mother land So off to another man If you go outside, the angels fly