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Black Boys (Bashy)

Look Straight Away, No Lone-Ting. This Is Out To All The Black Boys Growing Up Yeah. There's Bare Positive Black Boys Around You Makin Movements, Makin Movements Towards Sucess. Look, Its Like I Love It When I See Rich Black Men Like Diddy And Nelly, But Was Even Happier When I See Dizzie Rascals Gettin Albums Or When He Gets His Face ON The Telly. Personally, When He Won His Mercury, I Thought Well Done. He's A Black Boy Whos Just Like Me So Like, His Respect Is Due Certainly. And Hold Tight Kano, I Dont Know Him, But i Thought Ok Though, That's Good For Him, Another Black Boy That's Gonna Make Do Through Lethal. Hang Tight Lethal, He Did His Power When He Brought IN A Few More Black People. I Raved At Kylie, Thats Why, No Matter What We Had I Still Got To Shout Out Wiley. He Built A Scene. Amongst Us Black Young Boys He Built A Dream, Like Mega-Man Did With So Solid. See That Crew Right There We Owe Hummage. When They Won The Brits I Was Like Brapp, Black Boys Up In This Bitch, When I See Them Fall On The Pitch Im Like Brapp, Black Boys Up In This Bitch Oh. CHORUS* Black Boys, Black Boys, Yeah We're Called Black Boys, And One Day We're Gonna Be Black Men, And One Day We Might Have Black Boys And We Gotta Teach Them To Be Black Men. *Repeat* Ooh Child, Things Are Gonna Get Easier, Ooh Child, Things Will Get Brighter. Yo Look, No We Ent Hooligans, Just Young And Talented New Beings, With Potential And Promise, YInovated Young Masterminds LIke Sean Wallis. We Need Role Models, So Young As Know Are Sucess It Is. Thats Why I Feel Boom Inside When I See A Black Guy Like Tim Campbell Can Win The Apprentice. But When Swiss Mate Cried, I Aint Gonna ie I Could Of Cried. Look What Happened To The Bruvah Like I Didn't Wanna See Blacks The Same As Another Man. When I Heard That Line, That Sent Tingles Down My Spine, Shout Out All Them Ebony Dimes, Katie Pearl And Keisha White, Miss Dynamite, Sadie, Dezza And Char We Hang Tite Beverly Knight. Black Diamonds What A Heavenly Sight, Soon We'll Be Getting It Right. See Themselves As Equal. Big Up P.D.C And Northstar Coz There Strength In Numbers. When Your Black And SingleYour Feeble, Stick Toghether My Young Black People. Ooh Child, Things Are Gonna Get Easier, Ooh Child Things Will Get Brighter (Repeat) Things Will Get Brighter (Echo) Repeated And I Dont Anyone To Think I've Forgotten Them Yeah, Coz I See All The Black Boys Striving Towards Sucess. We All Need To Make Money Enitt. Shout Out Sway, Hang Tite Sincere, Flirta D, Done All The Beef Enit. Shout Out The Movement. What's Poppin Magazine. Shout Out All The Black Peeps And Big-Up Master Steps. Hang Tite Trevor Nelson, Steve Sutherland. R.I.P Dj Swing, Lindon David Holden, Big Up Shaun Wright-Phillips. Shout Out All The Black Comedians. Big Up Richard Blackwood, Hang Tite Kojo. Hnag Tite Paul Boltine. MD's Like Darkus. Shout Out All The Black Boys On Lock Down. Keep Your Head High Mann. All The Black Sons. Lord Shout Out My Pups Man. Positive Black Boys In My Life Yeah