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Dreams Money Can Buy (Bashy)

Don't f**k with me, don't f**k with me Don't f**k with me, don't f**k with me I got car money, some yards money I'm laughing at... brothers cause they're all funny, clowns Haters wanna bring hard money But me and god's in harmony Say y'all can't done me Yo, mix... with the ass on me I be on that bb like... She's with me, watching them between got the black and white kitty cat I ain't talking felix I make love like I mean it, Switching up the beat, did I make a remix? My car's outside, I don't even need it I hardly go out, I'm in my house, reading ... send naked pictures to my phone If I press save is that still cheating My girl would say of course, I wouldn't say so But all I know is I didn't believed it I never tell anyone my feelings Cause brothers love gossip, they just like speaking Somebody told them please don't repeat this Then they told me and said keep it a secret, man wait I spend all night scheming So I could wake up and spend all day dreaming Looking in the mirror and the man staring back, Is the only man in this world I fully believe in I'm on the a 40 speeding, I ain't even late So ain't even got a reason One hand on the wheel, the other hand twitting Some blade brown beating and over taking in the left lane Seats... cup holders... Hungry... just come babe The... chicks I be f**king... Now when I see come here, it's not fair See the coop, no clock chair... Can't even see my teeth and eyes ... duck their best friend for a seat inside ... that's cool... but I knew what he meant ... when you get... you start caring for less Don't pay for anything now, not even the rent Free hold, no more pay as we go ... racks to riches.