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Fuck Wiley (Bashy)

Come on wiley man Your a pussy man don't call mah name ever My sisters nothing to do with this Sister is a slag Works by the bag Times you've been stabbed Addictions what u have Willey i know your life must be stressful Your nearly 30 and not commercially successful Poor wiley that's what you get guys When your signed and you start talking shit about pies Wiley`s a pedophile gone crazy He`s given up on f**kin girls his age Now he'd rather f**k baby`s Not ladies He`s more like r kelly than jay z It's like if he was in a position to f**k show the hammer He wouldn't really wanna f**k sadi Wiley your far from poor But your video was the cheap version of jay-z's on core Your sisters a whore Wiley your not raw I never gave you my number what the f**k you ringin me for (you agen) don't act like u want a war You didn't want it when wonder kicked you in your jaw Or tha first time you got bored Wiley f**kin children`s against the law Especially when your one year past 24 On mah hands and feet i can count 'em The sells of your album Parents hide your kids when wileys around them Wiley likes 2 f**k little kids I should nominate the pervert for the f**kin sex offenders list Sister is a slag Works by the bag Times you've been stabbed Addictions what you had Yeahh... so what if i said jenay is a slapper You can't do nothing your a pussy You let dizzee get pulled up in dapper I'll say what i like You can't batter me After you was getting boydem choice fm while meggo and dizzee clashed asher d Silly willy come on Whose rough You ain't talkin 38 while gettin stabbed by 2 tough Are you still eattin that little youths muff U mug You was in secondary whern she was two blud Fuck the nigga that made eskimo At the end of your video tryna buss a tucksido Your buttaz You ain't no ladies man Your a pussy gettin punched up by baby sham Wiley your gettin borin Your album flopped(sorry wiley your dropped from 'xo' recordings) Your album and single did poorly Dats ridiculous You just about scraped into the top 40 I'll put your cards on the table Your second to the rascal in your label Still sniff repro coke in your naizle Scratchy still given you anal Is that still work in your face or flow down with another facial Jenay is a sket I fought that u knew Jay 2k took your voice and used it better than you Wiley watch what you say blud You better be smart Make the wrong move in north west in takin the tee spark Your underground career was dyin slowly Now your relyin on trim to get you back in But you look like any tramp on lord of the deck In your video top what and done up strangle your neck Wiley you was mah best mc back in the day But these days u can't even move at mahh pace Fuck if your friends with ace You better know your place And f**k tredin on thin ice u pussy I'll tred in your face