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Change (Bashy)

[Bashy Spits] If I had it all again Na I wouldn't 'a cried at my birth I would've smiled Just happy to be alive on this earth I would've walked at 5 months been seeking my six I wouldn't 'a wasted time 'cause as soon as your born You begin to die I would 'a grown up faster I would 'a spent more time with my father I would 'a listened to his advice But I had a hard head back then my head was much harder I wouldn't 'a leaned on mother Played them off against each other Man I wish that I'd 'a known better Maybe they'd still be together I should 'a helped my sister more She loves me more than she needs to her heart is pure As a sister she's perfect As a brother I was poor Her voice is bad I mean BAD But I never put her on tracks maybe I thought she'd still be a ten or Don; t worry sis I'll rectify that I promise you that N Dad you gave me a brother by another mother I wish I'd forced ya to make us hook up more 'Cause he looks like me just a darker color N 5 days younger I've never said it before but I should've but Duane I swear I love ya N as we get older I hope we get closer We have the same blood and bruv I've got your back 'til the end of time Remember I told ya Univercity's I still would 'a dropped out They can keep their B.A Honours 'Cause B.A Honours is destiny only the death of me And God can stop it I wouldn't have f**ked Andrew's ex I should 'a put friendship before sex That was the devil's test and I failed miserably But that's in the past that's history And how me and my ex girlfriends relationship dimished G To me 's a mystery We was outside in my ride you cried said you was missing me I Shouldn't have flang you tissues B I should 'a hugged you and gave you kisses T But I guess I just took liberties I guess we wasn't meant to be I still love you think I should've fought for ya heart Aww forget it I should 'a spent more time with Uncle hermon If I made these changes would I still be Ashley or a different version [Singing:] If you had it all again what would you change? Would you do it differently or just the same? If you had it all again what would you change? Would you do it differently or just the same? (4x)