Over Here (Bashy)

Warning, Warning, Warning I get it on from when I walk in [?] my crips are warning But it won't look like this in the morning I'm like watch that step look down below I just wanna dance and drink alcohol But when I go on like alcohol, that's cool... Yo, I go extra hard with the card Credit I'm hype Peak in I swipe 'til everyone's nice Chipsip 'til I get sick to my eyes Dogs them full up in the corner Pull up on the order There's something for everyone's type Wow... But there's something that everyone likes You love a little piece of the life [Chorus:] Over here! We got enough gold, jolt, bottles of moet all over here! And got enough jewels, goons, twos, you'll be overscared! We got chicks, drinks, there ain't no pricks over here Rave over where? Ok we're over there! I hear man talk like they got sex in their flow I sex every girl and they sexually know Come on blad you know I put sex in a hoe But you own her, I got the sexual hoe Look at her I have to visit her yes or a no? She's giving you a yes and a no Indecisive check the breath you will know You will find it just check the sex in her quoter Believe me about them and then them don't need no sweet boy swagger on them Straight nose in here like an Asian 'Til you dunno what's a win situation I'm in (I'm in) But look at how patient I've been Won't talk no more I'm casing them in Drinks by the choc no wasting them in Uh oh there goes Jason a... gain [Chorus x2]