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Justice (Kylee)

From the start I knew you'd end up with him You always want everything I have My heart is broken but I won't be a victim No oh oh I'll get revenge and make you pay for all this I'm not just gonna lay down and die And I'll be laughing when you take your last kiss Oh oh oh Time for the consequence you've made your last mistake There's no time left for forgiving And the pain you gave me is coming back around I'll be counting down the days and hours Until the day when victory is mine I won't sleep 'till I get my justice Funny how you think you're so damn clever You beleived it was the perfect crime You got this far but you shoulda known better Oh oh oh It isn't love, it's something else you're after It's not real, it's just for spite Either way you're headed for disaster Oh oh oh The end of your arrogance you've made your last mistake