Plan B (Kylee)

I love the way you talk to me Like no one that I talk to ever does You know me so completely You never try to prove me wrong It's funny how you always play along Even when you don't believe me I've tried but I can't pretend That this is nothing more than friends Well maybe it's right Cause baby we've been searching all this time For something we may never find It should've been so obvious to see This may not be the perfect love That we both have been dreaming of But I've been thinking lately We could be the best Plan B We could be the best Plan B I've figured it all out by now All there is to know about love It never came so easy And everything I felt 'till now Is proven wrong cause somehow there you are Standing right before me You don't lie and you don't try to hard And never make it all about you Well maybe it's right We both walk the finest line Between Letting it go and trying to hide There's no use waiting for a sign Let's give it a try