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Fabulous Day (The Essex Green)

I rise to a color Some shade but another Than yellow green or blue The sounds of hammers banging Tick-tock the clock is hanging In the ears of yesterdays fool I wait for an hour just to get in the shower And then wash my face in the sink Outside it's winter weather The calendar knows better Somehow it's a summers day The chill has me freezing Thermometers been easing To a 100 below in the shade As rain fills the sky Don't ask me why It could snow in a moment I think But it's a fabulous day (a fabulous) It's a fabulous day We go out And I go out It's now now or never The worlds caught my feather And carried it up to the sky (so high) Will you remember Me in september Or is this just passing you by? What more could I say When I met you today Took the wind from within me without And it's a fabulous day (fabulous) It's a fabulous day To go out And I go out