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I Need You Tonight (Junior M.A.F.I.A.)

[Verse One: Trife] Baby listen, bets to believe I can give you what you want and all that you need Mackin' all the ladies, from the fly to the shady Marquis diamonds, 600 Mercedes I'll fly you across the seas in a private jet Whisper shit in ya ear to get ya panties wet Honey I'll show you how good life can get Winin and dinin, non-chalant in the finest restaraunt Feed you lobster cause I'm a true mobster Lame niggaz bore ya, lay ya down in the Waldorf-Astoria Victoria Secret; lingerie, I like the freak shit Dim the lights, sex all through the night King sized beds, Satin sheets gettin' right Wear you out, leave my number by the phone When you wake up in the morn', I'm gone [Chorus: Aaliyah] I wonder if I take you home will you still be in love baby Because I need you tonight Wonder if I take you home would you still be in love baby Because I need you tonight [Aaliyah] Home, home Home home home [Verse Two: Lil' Kim] Uh! Do you know who I be? Lil' Kim the Lieutenant (that's right) Here to put it on you fools tryin to run up in it (What's the matter Big Momma, don't you like what you see?) Like my girl Mary B. you just ain't runnin' up in me, uh You got to give me what I need baby.. That's a drop top Z baby Martini and Rossi, Asti Spumante Dom Perignon so we can get it on Movado watch, Tennis for the wrists Nigga; you ain't ever seen no ice like this So now you know what you workin with, handle your business And keep coming with that stuff that I like (like..) Light a candle, I'm too hot to handle I see yo' eyes sizin' up my hips and my thighs Man I'll do things to you (uh-huh).. Vanessa Del Rio be 'shamed to do Chorus [Verse Three: Kleptomaniac] Mack ass nigga, smooth like Tom Cat in the zoot-suit Game's fullproof leavin parties with bitches in NFS Coupes Spittin' game, with or without the eye contact With or without contracts, layin my game down flat Kleptomaniac, rides any rhythm that you give him, I'm livin right Semi-precious stones, exotic bitches in skin-tights Hands-free mobile phone, showin women how to live life If that's your girl, she wasn't last night Made her life worthwhile, Benjamins by the piles Turn her frowns to smiles, livin Goodfella's lifestyle Nails done and hair, livin rooms with chandeliers Sex in a strech Lex, no cares for who wanna stare Yeah, now that's a real women for ya High execs and lawyers, pearls gems and Tag Heuers Bachelor degrees, bringin home bacon and cheese Freaky Saundra ain't afraid to get some dirt up on her knees Chorus 3X (repeats to fade)