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Magic Man (Kick Axe)

The Smell Of A Fiest Was In The Air And Street Merchants Everywhere In The Caverns Brave Men Told Stories Of Mystic Lands And Magic Glories In His Flowing Robes He Stood, High Above The Crowd Cold Blue Eyes On Fire, Stared Confident And Proud He Raised His Hands To The Sky, And Brought Lots Of Power Down His Deeds Brought Victory And We Stole The Kings Crown In The Shadows Of The Morning Light The Soldiers Rest From A Days Long Fight And 'round The Campfire Tall Tales Are Told Of Mystical Wonders And Days Of Old High Up Top The Mountain His Words Reached Us All "I Am The Chosen One And Must Answer Their Call" On A Winged Charriot Of Fire, He Travelled Across The Planes To An Unknown Destiny And There He Still Remains He Was A Magic Man Nothing Could Stand In His Way Be Warned Disbelievers Of The Powers Of Yesterday He Was A Magic Man Holy Fighter In An Ancient War Only Light In The Darkness Shining Forever More. Shining, Forever More...He Was A Magic Man, A Light In The Darkness, Shining, Shining Forever More The Powers Of Yesterday, Nothing Can Stand In His Way He Was A Magic Man...