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Welcome To The Club (Kick Axe)

Now When He Was Young And A Crazy Reckless Boy He Was Out To Get His Kicks, He Was Out To Enjoy If It Gave Him Pleasure, If It Got Him High If It Makes Him Cool It Was Worth A Try But Now He's Getting Older And Wiser Than Before He Guards His Pleasures Behind Closed Doors Now The Things He Needs To Get Him Through The Day Are Costing Him A Price He'll Have To Pay (chorus) If The Habit's Hard To Break Welcome To The Club If The Pressure's Hard To Take Welcome To The Club If You've Had Your Share Of Heartaches Welcome To The Club Now You Say You Can't Live With It But You Can't Do Without The Mirror Looks Back You're Filled With Doubt So You Take The Blows While You're Takin' All You Can Join Us At The Club, We Understand (chorus)