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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Ayo (Hyper Crush)

Yo! Yo! - Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo! Ayo, Ayo, (Go), A-a-yo, Ayo (Get it) Ayo, hit me low. Ayo, hit me low, hit me on my tippy toes (2x) Break those hips, ankles twist Burn the place up like Wako did Dolo-ish, solo tip, bouncin' around like pogo sticks So sick, bonus discs, gettin' so low you almost triiip! Can you hear me? I'm on my shi- Get that, beat that, focus on that, move that, I can dooo it Now pop that body, mozeradi? Leakin' fluid Move chick, too legit. Kiss it like a crucifix Who's this? Super sick, bouncin' off the moon Shi- Lower than a basement, bass, bass, Lower than a bass bassbassbaba--- Get it. So focused - I'm shakin' I'm trying not to get too wasted - I'm posted I'm weightless - I get lower than a basement I'm chokin' - I'm brainless Well then hop up on my spaceship - Let's go there I'm wakin' - I get lower than a basement Yeah!