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You & Me (J-Kwon)

I mean, I just need to talk to you right now Yeah,,yeah, where I begin Right, yeah, yeah Sunny day, age 14 When I first saw you, you was lickin a Ice cream Knew you had freak in ya blood from the get go Yo' you showed a nigga some love from the get go Cute too, so you ain't get caught in the image Friends got in I should'nt of tossed out our business So religious, yeah In other words, sorry could'nt explain the way I was feelin' Back to the story Member when we used to hit concerts Mainly legit and nories Tryin to get on that was exciting for me And exciting for you that was something to see Plus you had ass and I loved that Back in this I was ya boyfriend I rubbed that Tryin to get on, girl I achieved that Everybody hands out from you I recieved that Don't need no ice or no Bentley I just wanna have you here wit me I'm their for you, always be true It's just you and me, you and me You don't have to go double platinum I'll be their and I'm always goin' back em' I'm their for you, always be true It's just you and me you and me I can't promise that So I know just because How you said them words it had to be love Basically it had to be us Against the world not giving 2 fucks But know soon as shit picked up I start actin different so you switched up I don't blame you, but I blame us Kept shit smooth even when it got rough But, I don't see that no more Got one half our wait hope he sore What the fuck is hopin' for When I can't be the man I used to be no more No time, we don't go out to eat no more Barley home, you don't see me before you sleep no more You love me, and I know you ain't playin Cuz the first week gone, you callin' me sayin' I can't promise that Business got good, but we got bad Money got happy, but we got sad But in the mist we had a daughter Evern though we floatin' clear like ocean water Came home 2 bags of Fendi It was gone that started to offend me Child support hit, that really offend me Puffy was right it's all about the benjy's Bitter now cuz the loves still in me In my boxers on couch, sippin' Remy Thinkin' that she need to be killed like Kennedy Then I listin to I got the remedy After all I still give you what you need, cuz we got a daughter to feed Though you supposed to be here at least you sold me that Why the fuck did I listen when you told me that, stupid You know, you feal my story Write me or something ya know what I'm sayin Or I'll be in a town near you or, or Your town or whatever ya know Come see me and come tell me that ya know It's been a long time traveling Though you was supposed to be here So uh, ya family can't say I'm wrong