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Hatebound (Deivos)

Unified in blandless standardized to normality Nothingness embodied in a perfect from of humany zombies Compulsively consuming The machine is running can't stop the madness You're bloated and flooded The brain stays dormant though the body's acting Enraget beyond belief it's the cross I'll gladly bear I think I'm going hatebound... Three pounds of shit in your skull you can't control what is not My hand it grabs you tight by the throat I'll squeeze out every last breath from this hollow flesh That should have never been fucking born From escapism to the carnage From the putrid temples to the pyres The modern age crusade strike of devastation Tonight after sundown we'll raise our torches high Without a tear without a frown burn this place to the ground Three pounds of hate in my skull can't control what I loathe it dwells so deep inside Only the dead have seen the end of war and many shall see it soon To rubble they will turn in fiery infermo burn