Psychopathological Compulsion (Deivos)

I beat her up unconscious and gagged her another victim lured and abducted methodically planned action flawlessly carried out I have become a predator living for the hunt fell the surge of endorphin rush excitement of power and control each human trophy I dominate inspires me to kill once more build up the rage reach for the blade malicious intent in an outburst of hate dwelling in an endless cycle, abduct - torture - dispose high on instant gratification, mutilating the corpse call me a monster hidden behind a mask of sanity conscience, pity and remorse, they mean nothing I took the butchers knife and stabbed her another victim slain for pleasure cut the body up into pieces, left'em on a riverbank her coffin a blood - soaked suitcase, I sealed that fate compulsive disregard for life leads my way into the night hunt them down and kill again