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Wretched Idolatry (Deivos)

worshipers state of mind surrounded from the inside fear of god extinguished the free will a sickening wretched plague curse you and your vile ilk servile sheep riddled with faith devotees of self - rejection, profanity unto the nature none shall inherit eternal life die in vain in name of the lord of a thousand lies no one to guide the path, nothing to ease the pain the swirling vortex of delusion swept away disguisers of gods' faith - curse you and your vile ilk usurpers of the truth - servile sheep riddled with faith impious hammer strikes at devotees of self - rejection, destroying that which is profanity unto the nature mark the way into enlightenment with piles of scorched cadavers crush the doctrine of hereafter staring boldly into blackness dispel the myth, away with god !