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The Oblation (Mean Streak)

These are my last words, obituary Now I will lay down in peace Flickering shadows dance on the wall On the eve of the end we stand small At the fields of the battle they paid with their lives Cypress will grow, sun will rise On the verge to oblivion at the end of my pain These words of mine shall remain (In fields of battle, deliriously fighting Others give you their lives, without doubt, without regret Where there's cypress larvel or lily On a plank or open field, in combat or cruel martyrdom If the home or country asks, It's all the same -It matters not. Jose Rizal 1861-1896) Save all your prayers don't waste no tears over me I will go on, living in your memory In the sore when you bleed in the air that you breathe In the rain from the sky, I will defy I will live on, I will forever be free These words of mine will travel through our history Pass the moon and the sun Until justice is done Tell the truth from the lies, I will arise In the absence of light when the voices are silent In the end who will know who can tell? When tomorrow is dawning And the daylight appears I will bring you my last farewell