Shake Down (LSG)

This is a shakedown Oh yeah Oh oh (All over your body) (All over your body) Sweat, come on Knock knock it's me I'm at the door open up I'm ready (I'm ready to serve you) Cause you been holding out on me I got a warrant for you reach and seize (All over your body) Oh, and please believe I got my handcuffs with me And I'm ready to use them You're #1 on my most wanted list So baby come and get your punishment (Freeze) freeze this is a Shakedown all the way down All over your body All over your body Put your hands up Spread your legs out Shakedown, shakedown JG sing You're coming with me You can come quiet or make all the noise you need (Scream, shout) You're staying overnight You can't bail out unless you're acting like I like (Let me read your rights) You got the right to remain silent You caught your case and you can't fight it So you might as well ride it and ride it until you drop I'm gonna shake you down We the jury of LSG Find you guilty and we're gonna make you scream (make you scream, yeah) So be a good girl and come with me Do your time for the night and we'll set you free Just the way you like it baby Just the way you need it baby Said all over your body baby Hands up Said can you feel me, can you feel me