My Love (JJ)

I know, where people go When they know how to breathe slow They lay low Don't want the world to know Wake up, boy you better shake up The things in your head So you can be alone When you're alone, I am alone All I ever want to know Is why you never let it show When you're around me When you're in me Why don't you tell me You know I believe you Take me for granted It's all I ever wanted Why don't you get it Before we lost it...we lost it Make up your mind For the time that drove us to break up Say it isn't so Boy I let you go I know, want to tell you Where to go We should know by now I always gave my all To want my love I don't ever mind the things you said But I remember every word I read Go let it out, if you scream I will shout Open your mouth, what are you about You're looking for divine If you leave I will shine Next time you see me... Oh the lies