Go Mike G (G Mike)

Constantly breaking down trees just to lift him up Might keep a main bitch or a plethora of different sluts So cocky that I think I'll probably never be rich enough So pay me bitch and send fucking helicopters to pick us up And bitches know I'm not the man to dodge And we spray AK's sans camouflage And my Warriors are Rad, and your reign is just a fad So I'm cutting up their ass and stuffing them into bags With no holes in them, flow is vicious as Doberman's Wolf territory starts when you pass Slauson and Overland But fuck OF that's fam, nah dawg them ain't my homies Even my own gang jealous I got all these bitches on me Now I got them saying oh man I'm down for red eye flights, Chafferer's flag me down when I'm in Japan And that'll be some shit that we know well Making bitches scream in a Tokio Hotel I don't know why they don't like me When everybody else is screaming go Mike G I love Christina Milian but I don't love no bitch And if Love Don't Cost a Thing then I ain't paying for shit Everyone running their mouth should pay attention to their race And you shouldn't deal with hoes that be all up in your face Got a main bitch but I keep her in her place Even my next girl know she could be easily replaced And it could be soon, this is my space so there is no room I'm Doom, my Dark Reign made the whole town sad Because the King's back stuffing bodies into Brown Bags And I'm taxing now but you can get the right price Bitches lean on me cause I mix well with ice She was thinking money too, we must have the same mind Can't copy my swag, that's ours that ain't mine And I don't claim colors, this middle finger is my gang sign I don't know why they don't like me When everybody else is screaming go Mike G I'll take them 21 and over, my stores are saying we card And I'll flash the garage just to show them that we're hard Keep them clips loaded, I'm shooting cause we're stars And strike like snakes on them, them Vipers are saying we Dodge Coming up fast my connection doesn't lag You can holla at me if you see me on the Ave If you got a problem with me you should leave it in the past Sometime I feel like I'm drowning, all this god damn swag Tell them that I'm on, G said get the scale Odd is so amazing, they can't be for real Ain't even got a video, but I'm still pulling hoes Used to carry Biscuits, parents wonder what the Hell? I'm from the West nigga, we ain't after no L's Tryna get paid by any means I wasn't thinking just sales My album ain't got to sell out, cop fast our tickets do Ain't got to go Gold, nigga Gold is what I'm giving you