Chevron (G Mike)

Dreams of Chanel, Robyn, and Christine Feel like anything I achieve would be more than I receive They don't teach the fabric of life, how you fold at the seams Hustle to get everything by any and all means Energy only exists if enthusiasm's fed They love you the most when they can use you to get ahead Who am I to preach lessons? Now they second guess 'em When they see who spits the best they shouldn't question my profession Teach you I'm the professor Don't question the method is what Earl said to me when I dropped Mike Check And that made me a soldier So I'm stepping till my death in California's hottest desert Bape camo on my weapon F*ck ammo; I spit bullets and bars that nobody can handle Anything you heard before this was a sample And I reload quicker than the others With songs, verses, and covers so I do this in my slumber We are a bunch of others, Wolf Gang hunters Don't take from us cuz we find n*ggas like four brothers I figured I would be what the game was missing Went from Call of Duty missions to the center of attention The others took their careers and ran them to the ground So doubters should always be the first people you let down Think it's easy, might be with advice but naw Mike G cite me as philosopher, or Moracular Tryna get my pockets full, remind me of Carrie how we laugh at ya'll It's me and my team back says my name B*tches running full court if the like to play games Appreciate my patience eyes where I'm aiming Love notes to redheads thank you letters to Damien I remember conversations like what if we don't make it? Now we travel different countries feeling greater than the lakes It doesn't matter what they rate us and strive off hate I learned to love it, it seems like I get so much of it Any time spent waiting is time spent wasted Giving in is complicated I hardly understand basic A sinner's mind is a sanctum, I'm essential to your mental Gun to the game's temple, then I drove it like a rental Why do I never complain about how they never mention me When I spit degrees over any simplistic symphony More complex than architects with any amount of layers Life's a video game I'm controlled by the best player That's why it's f*ck the rest unless they treat us with respect All black with blank checks I am racer X Not the one to lose, failure is always an option Just never the one I choose Friends will watch you go down easier than the b*tches you kiss... That's why I say f*ck it, life's lame And there's no moment's more important than the ones that you miss I hope this makes any sense, Nah, I hope you listen to this