Okmg (G Mike)

I don't want it to end yet, but I didn't begin yet I said you're just a fan, you're just not really a friend yet Something that I've been said, practice makes perfect But I'll probably die tomorrow, tell me is it really worth it I can read the latest books, learn everything I need to But it seems they'll still look at me like a crook I'm like, yeah I'm pretty nice, yeah I'm pretty much an asshole And they don't understand so it sounds hypocritical but fuck you And I'm still the one the young niggas look up to Imagine what I'd do if I was passionate dudes Who only look around because they're searching for the truth And I'm still searching for a coupe, but only lurking in this booth And still more hazardous than you, still a casket fits my suit I wonder when my last breath is, life sucks but fuck I'm really tired of imagining how death is And Earth is lame, waiting for the moment that I'm blasting off I only go hard, I found out that you fags is soft Your sight is too limited to see my vision And you never listen so don't tell me OK just to pass me off