Timeless (G Mike)

I could spend my whole life tryna get cash And work hard then I pass like Steve Nash Breath fast, I ain't tryna hyperventilate Forgive me Lord, it feels like I commit a sin a day Then I wait for them days to turn good again And get the cake, then I'll tell them that's the winners pay To win today would just seem like a lavish dream Know what they mean, everything ain't what it seems The angels sing and I feel like that's my roll call And I came with Left Brain, that's my road dawg Switch lanes? Nah homie I'm a road hog Brain to the pave look my mind on the road dawg Said I'm just tryna do this quick like make haste Don't take more than I can get to prevent waste My music is like confetti rain when you win a race And you'll probably lose your mind tryna save face Scarface, say I got that Montana flow They know I'm tryna get that Montana dough Where we go, tell the truth I could never know I'm just tryna push a Porsche, that's white like Montana snow And honestly, just for wings I would give it up So if it's true '12 couldn't come fast enough And when it comes I just hope I'm on my way above The say they're heartless, but I feel them when they show me love I'm sitting on this couch, wrist bloody The therapist nicknamed me "Kid Cutty", I killed my fifth buddy The fourth one, I like to kick around Ride him all around, when he hits the ground The third one is mixed, white and black Minor, flat, major, act like a pitch with a flanger The second one's a stranger, but I knew her all my life Since I was born, the other half said fuck it like I was porn And the last one, he's in the mirror With a gun, wish I could see him clearer But I can't cause my eyes are red, now he's dead Aye, hold your head homie, look I'm a live long through these songs As long as they're on, I'm on when I'm gone That's why I rhyme like a poet from a prior century And I don't wanna be a human, treat me like an entity I know they fiend for my 8's like I'm a fucking Laker Tryna find a Secret Garden just like Tyler the Creator Damn, I'm just waiting for my life to begin And I can't breath when I'm high cause the airs too thin I'll let out a couple sighs, tell them exhale They know they shouldn't touch me like the third rail Shit, I'm living in Hell, the devil should be scared of me Nigga ask about me, I am Mike G