Get Ready To Sweep (Pin-Up Went Down)

"What you lived, what you felt is worse than treason I have wasted what you gave and you've lost your faith What I've done has no sense, though it fed the pain But my pain, in a way, was nearly the same" Judging facts is just a silly thing when you don't know why they've been committed, so get ready to sweep Do you really think it's time to blame an enemy that 's born from your own vision of life From wonderful rules you may betray? Don't you really think you could be what you denounce? Indeed, our laws can choose the other side, and who would be right? I slept, you see, now I know, Truth is never the same Seeds you fed were scornful And your lies And my lies Are nothing but a jail to survive. -And the world will be clean... – "Let everyone sweep in front of his own door and the whole world will be clean." -and clean the world you live in- Instead of choosing if you want to forgive, cross your own doors and get ready to sweep. Scorn, Sick- -ness In what you say “Now, angels, go to hell” But did you see How lost we were? And will you never Forgive this slaugh- -ter we just made? Coz we were Lonely Flesh. All the actions you’d like to explain can’t always be what they seem You know, we’re made of questions without answers Flesh without reason With/without Will you be kind enough to listen to what I have to say Right now Don’t try to create another truth This one you see should have been Yours