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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Yo-Yo Yes then No (Pin-Up Went Down)

Solia was like this, and you should agree with me She was a yoyo maid Sometimes “yeahyeah!” sometimes “shit!” Haha Her mind like a trash bin in the middle of a wonderland Strawberry shortcake haunted by a million voices Saying you’re the dirty one you are The other one… A nightmare-Nightmare-nightmare of your own That’s how I feel But you can figure out What being my own labyrinth can mean That’s how I feel But you can’t figure out That I didn’t find a place between Just easy as OCD And a bit of borderline I’m not the one you see But I swear I am fine So and so… up and down my mind will go That’s a grave- That’s so calm!”! That’s a dwell, Hee Haa! 10 o’clock say hurray 12 o’clock say tired 2 pm say maybe tomorrow it will get better 4 o’clock she’s falling 9 o’clock she’s thinking 11 pm say maybe it’s easier with closed eyes