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Just Chill (Jon Young)

So Tired, So Sick Of Yo Shit Its Ova Everytime I Turn Around U Right Ova Mah Shoulda I Cant Live Witchu All Up In My Grill I Dont Undastandi Wish That U Could Just Chill No Matter What I Do Its Neva Good Enuff Fo U I Keep On Tryin 2 Please Ya But I Dont Need Ya If U Goin Be Trippin Everytime I See Ya Sick & Tired Of All The Questions Its Gettin A Bit Much Every Button That I Touch Sets U Offand Then Im Fucked Cuz No Matter What I Do Or What I Say Im Always Wrong If I Call Then Im Callin Too Much Or Not At All Either Way I'm Messin Up I'm Fightin A Losin Battle The Winners Been Determined So Im Finna Put Down My Paddle Cuz Im Sick Of Alwayz Playin This Game Its Gettin Old Girl U Know I Aint Cheatin U Jus Wanna Be In Control But I Cant Be Havin That Cuz Im A Grinder And U Know This U Need 2 Jus Chill Consider This Ur Final Notice I Got Thangz To Do Deal Wit It Or Girl Im Dunzo If U Trip Over Sum Shit Again U Goin Be Solo My Fundz Low So I Gotta Get Back On My Grind No More Givin In When U Trippin Im Wastin Time U Know I Aint Finna Do U Wrong Thats Why Im Sayin Chill Wit Me U Always Know The Deal Girl I Always Keep It Real Just Got In The Door, And There You Was Waiting But Not To Greet Me, Just To Start With Your Interogating Where I Been? I Told Ya, I Was With My Friend. Oh My God, Here We Go With This Ish Again. I Aint Gotta Prove Myself, I Been Did That. I Done Got You Everything You Need, And Then That. So I Aint Answer My Phone, And Now U All Mad At Me Think Im Cheatin When You See I Got A Low Battery. Its Like You Feed On Drama, And I Dont Need That. Always Over My Shoulda, So Ima Leave That. You Need To Understand, N I Dont Think Im Wrong, That Once N Awhile I Need Some Myspace Like .Com N Same Goes For The Fellas, You Need To Trust Yo Lady. Jus Hold On Loosely Clingin Too Tight Gonna Drive Her Crazy. But I Done Found A Good One, And Damn She Keep It Real, You Havin Problems, Talk About It Tell Em Just Chill