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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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...As the Crow Flies (Newsted)

I spin around the sun I thank you may I have another I am an army of one honour and respect my brother The night is young crowded hearts are nine to four If ever daylight comes save yourself and save your soul As the crow flies I will make my way As the day dies I look back and say I look back and say well spent time today I make my own way and I am not afraid In from the word go bang those troubled thoughts out of your head What you live is what you know any day alive is better than dead Lets stay out all night and watch the shadows play in the light And just look at us now I'm not afraid of failing I'm not afraid of flight Beautiful in life unforgettable in death Don't stop dreaming until the last breath Until the last breath the hunger to be To think and feel don't stop dreaming until it becomes real