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Long Time Dead (Newsted)

Rain twists shapes and hisses fear I kiss my tears as the ground disappears White stones fall down from the sky Black storm clouds groan and then they start to cry Live while you are living because you are a long time dead Rats in rhythm and snakes in tongues Mud flakes and fungus are coating my lungs Squash the doubt mankind washed out Without machines without a prayer we cannot prepare Fire on frost tired and lost the city into the sea is tossed liars cost mired and scoffed Screaming pleas as mother earth breathes Throw away the trees blow away the breeze Live while you are living because you are a long time dead Give while you are living share with me what is in your head Sea to rising sea grey solar light Wicked winds churning up the polar night All living things under leaves gasp Water heaves fast a feat a task beliefs are smashed a patch of grass to feed I ask Gods wallop shatter the world at will thinning the herds with a flush to spill All that matters scattered in the swill all that matters not enough still