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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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All I Know (Pipes And Pints)

I read in the book of memories I know that fate will decide Where will go where will be Undecided road in front of me Blue eyes black mind misses J Mind travels on the way True desires fake business Iron minded inside my head Somethings burning deep inside Something that I cant explain It takes me over every time When I stand in front of you Life is tough! Life is rough! You got to fight to make it through If you wanna say what you think You got to give everything! Going on is all I know My bloody knuckles say it all From east to west I've done my best Going on is all I know When you fall in love and don't know why When you’re shooting up and not feeling high When you ask yourself what am I Your reflection saying what am I Who am I is the question why What am I is the answer why Going forward is all I know Going on is all I know!