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Bad Times (Pipes And Pints)

I remember the times being broken down and cold Had no one nothing and no where to go No money in my pockets and the street was my home I remember those days all too well I've seen tough guys die mothers leave and children cry A wise man says son I'm ready to die Some questions will be answered by the dices of life What you gonna do? When Mr. Good and bad! What you gonna do? When misses hate and love! What you gonna do? When they come knocking at your door! When you’re down in the pen and you’re doing your time And the love outside makes you lose your mind And you are hoping that she”ll be there for you The world is spinning round you got nowhere to go Survival everyday is all you know But those times will pass by too The longer I stay the more I'm gonna die The more we talk it's a fight not to cry No one gets along with anything I say anyway