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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Kensington Club (Pipes And Pints)

Just another night at the Kensington club looking for replacement love for the one I've lost All this emptiness feels like guiltiness seems to me like I'm getting paralyzed Don't know how to go on with my life with her by my side everything was right Nothings going right! Nothings going right just another night to be running Running wild! I'm always on my own Drinking all alone There is nothing that I can say That I can call my own. She's always playing games with me I'm just another fool I'm just another black jack Who got played really good Take another step back Think of what you say Maybe then you'll realize You got to change your way The influence of all your friends Baby girl you make no sense Seems to me you've got no opinion of your own Burning screaming lungs aren't breathing Life will always savage you! Inside! Inside! Your golden cage! You threw me in the gutter I'll make it to LA A pocket full of change Stuck at San Diego bay Waiting for the bus To take me up town I hit the Rock and Roll Cafe We’re rolling out of town This is where you put me And this where I stay I'm rockin and I’m rollin far far away! Far! Far away!