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Just One Step (Brown Jason Robert)

Murray, I am out here Murray And I am not discussing this anymore You don't want to buy me the fur? Well, that's just fine Murray It's not like I'm asking for much Since you won't buy me the dog Or the beach house in Quogue As if you didn't have the money What else is new? I'm not gonna fight for a coat So never mind, Murray If that's what's important to you At least I know where I stand So, Murray, strike up the band Because the time has come for action Here's what I'll do Clearly, I'm not wanted anymore Now I'm not so young and beautiful That's okay, I've faced defeat before I'm not gonna kvetch And I'm not gonna cry It's not gonna get me what I wanted So I'm simply gonna take one step One tiny step And Murray Just one step, I'll be free One small step Just so you shouldn't worry I'll be free And you'll be rid of me Isn't that easy, Murray? Watch me You think this is maybe a joke Well, it's no joke, Murray Murray It looks like they're forming a crowd Like eighty-five at the most Still, front page of the Post Ma, I think it's Maury Povich And Connie too Oh, hi Connie! Now you'll finally make your mother proud Since she never liked me anyway Look, she's throwing diamonds to the crowd! Just say the word and I'll come back inside But until then I'll be happy just to know That I can always go and take One step One tiny step, and Murray One small step, adios Just one step, Honey you'd better hurry Oh, yes sir, Better give up that fur Take it from, Old Murray Here I... Whoops, almost fell Murray The mother of your children Splattered across Fifth Avenue In a bloody heap, Murray And it's all your fault Yes, it's you who made the money Cause it's you who owns the store So if you don't want to spend it That's your right But it's you who bought the penthouse On the fifty- seventh floor So goodnight, cheapskate, goodnight You think I don't know about her? Well, I do, Murray You think I don't know about that Or the things that you say To your friends every day I'm embarrassing I'm fat I'm demanding And controlling And whatever Perhaps it's true Here's the place where I get what I've earned Why keep prying? Why be miserable? Lookit, Murray Somebody's concerned Trust in the wind And I'll land in the crowd No more complaining I'm trashy and loud What a sensational f**king experience Finally, Murray, I'm getting attention And just one step Look at where one step leads you One small step takes you high Hey, just one step Down from the man who needs you Fuck the fur Just send it down to her Oh, fair thee well And Murray, watch me fly Murray, Oh, I'm serious Murray Murray!