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She Cries (Brown Jason Robert)

There's a couple of things I've learned On the many roads I've taken Flames are not what get you burned It's the cold and the ice Here's a piece of advice I got from a little bird The flames can get you Stirred It's the cold that leaves you shaken I don't like to philosophize I just want to tell a story Always leave when a woman cries Never look in a woman's eyes You'll get stuck with a high and rising fever And then you can't leave her Please, don't wait man It's almost too late man She cries and you want to hold her She lies and you want to run away But just give her a minute I promise you're in it to stay She smiles and you'll stay forever She screams Well, that's the price you pay But there's no one can make you Forget how you feel For all she can take You've got more there to steal So you don't mind a bit of surprise And she cries I don't like to admit I'm wrong I believe in guts and glory But it's time I should change my song I've been here just a bit too long Always thought I was much too strong for hating And still I keep waiting... And while I'm resolving That door keeps revolving She cries and you want to hold her She lies and you're half way out the door But you never can do it She'll make you go through it once more She smiles and you'll stay forever She sings Oh, she's got you now for sure And each time that you swear That you will not give in She'll throw you a stare That'll show you can't win It's amazing how hard each man tries But she cries All of a sudden You fall for her charms You promise you'll stop all her tears All of sudden She's back in your arms And the walls start closing And blocking out the light And changing all your dreams And right before your eyes She cries And I don't know the answer She spies And there's no place I can hide When I look in the mirror, There's nothing but fear here inside I run And still she is right behind me I fall The chasm is too wide So I'm stuck in this world of her magic mystique Where I'll never be more than her toy of the week But each time I prepare my goodbyes Well, she catches me looking And she opens the floodgates And she cries