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Tale Of The Dragon's Defeat (Wavorly)

A letter with no address Burning a hole with words Writ' in frantic distress Storming my way through night Gaze set on the light Worry gripping my chest Oh, God, no not my love! She's no match for his tricks The games he plays Stay with me as I ride Your words may have swayed her before But I'll fight to help her ignore Every word that you say That masks your intent to betray In this letter I hold from true beauty untold Sealed and coated with fear Love, he's here for my soul, come You're my only Hope I will save you, my dear Oh, Father, my task I may dread But as ransom, take me instead Take heart now, my Son Fear not for the dragon will not overcome Your words may have swayed her before But I died so she could have more The Life that she now finds in Me Is the tale of the dragon's defeat