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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Time I Understood (Wavorly)

As I'm building up this house I wonder what of it will stay It seems You just take things away And I'll admit I shouldn't say these things But I have got to hear from You somehow Does this have a point to it? God, I wish I could hear You You said You'd help me through this I wish You didn't have to Why did You take this away? I wanted it Show me that there is no need to be afraid Can I move on now that it's gone? As I travel down this road I wonder if I should turn home All this time I've felt alone My head in my hands Where were You when I was in need? And I look back to find You chasing me Sometimes I try and I miss the point of it It's about time we die…we're not down here for us As You're tearing down this house There is only one thing I can say I'm so glad You take away And I'll admit things worked out for the good And it's about time I understood