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Resignation (As Autumn Calls)

Living a life such as mine Is it living at all Pain, sorrow and misery The only constants I know In the void of my soul There is nothing left to give No emotion to speak of Isolated from the world Like a leaf on the wind Drifting through time… I can't remember the last time I shared an honest smile Or felt the tears roll down my face I would welcome happiness and sorrow Just to feel something again Oh I would love to feel Deeper I fall into the abyss Shades of black and gray Overwhelming emptiness Hides the light away You will never again See the light Shinning in my eyes Distant voices echo Fragments of the past Fading into nothingness The hope that will not last I see it clearly In their eyes Oh how they worry My resignation To accept my fate I will resign to live The life that I create My judgment To live within this shell To live within the confines of this mortal hell They have tried to help me Make no mistake All I know is that For me it is too late So let me live my life In my own way I will live out my days Until I fade away Selfish indulgence A much needed escape An everlasting journey Take me far away Oh I will go there Willingly I welcome the change Emotionless The darkness which confines Within this dead void My empty shell resigns Trapped in a dark and cold abyss The essence of my life Other As Autumn Calls songs