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Unearth My Sorrow (As Autumn Calls)

The darkness grows Unearthing my sorrow The light fades Leaving doleful shades The silent cries Hopelessness inside my eyes The broken screams Haunt me in my dreams These thoughts of you The past I still pursue The constant shame Harbour all the blame The nights grow colder The days grow shorter A constant reminder (Of how I left you) A heavy snowfall A cold and empty stare I vaguely remember (Leaving you there) (Repeat Chorus) The sleepless nights Beneath the dim lights A long drawn out breath The cold hands of death An icy chill Everything frozen still A dreamlike state The cold hands of fate (Repeat Chorus) My worlds painted dead In shades of black and grey I no longer see the point In facing another dismal day I much rather end it all And be rid of all this pain… once and for all