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Wither Away (As Autumn Calls)

Despite what they say, time cannot heal every wound And when you were taken from me, I lost everything All reason for existence, all reason for anything at all Dark clouds formed, masking the warmth of summer The leaves began to wither away and die I could never again face the light of the sun Never again would I visit the place where we danced Beneath the singing trees and the pale grey moon above The sadness became anger, and the anger become hate Every night I cried in the dark gloom of the night As I walked aimlessly through the shadow forest Drifting further away from all I had ever known I remember holding you in my arms the night you died As I kissed your soft lips and caressed your skin Your skin was so pale and you became so cold There was nothing I could do but cry in pain My thoughts became dark and I gave myself to the moon That night I prayed for my own death, but it was all in vain…