Quiver a Little (Clementine Benjamin)

Talk to me friend, talk to me, talk to me I am listening to your advice Slowly, slowly, please slowly, We have a lot of time Sometimes I would wish that you were I To see clearly, not just visualize Many people said Oh I'm lost, I'm a bastard, Oh I'm lost Those same people pray, For the best, for their own brothers, So why would I quiver but quiver a little, Then burst in laughter (He laughs) Read all the books and you will find Nothing new has been hidden underneath the sun Integrity is sometimes hard to climb But if I look up, not down, and maybe who knows I might go a bit further up there Many people will say Oh you're lost, you are a bastard, you're lost Those same people pray For the best, for their own sisters And so I will only just quiver a little Then burst in laughter (He laughs) Life is as cold not literally as in Greenland Where snowfall is the storm As opposed to the ray of sunlight But, like the boy woke up one night To see his poor mother on the floor And he screamed "Mother, wake up!" So why would you waste a lot of your energy On what people might say Just quiver a little, Then burst in laughter Quiver a little then get back to your stride