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Feels Good To Be Real (Kazzer)

You got your brand names looks to kill seems that everything is plastic and nothing is real Where money talks and real Kats walk it's so bizarre You can work twice as hard and go half as far The truth hurts and it only gets worse you wouldn't tell me what I'm worth people don't always get what they deserve I get down roll up my sleeves for every dollar when others come fake it makes me work harder, like Dawn, I ain't goin out like that feels good to be real lovin' all thise fake shit's trash, can't look like that feels good to be real Promises, who will sell you love to hate feels good to be real Goet piece of mind, but those minds are closed can't ignore the evidence when the world seems cold Got lies and deception, all for protection check your prescription fuel my addictions buy into the hype avoid the consequences when the fakeness Breeds weed out the misfits I try no to blink let the river run dry Just step right up and lok ddeath in the eye, like Mistaken and faded and landslide over rated swallowed your changin its hollow don't you hate.