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Violence (Kazzer)

Two fists you'll be talking with a lisp when I flip the switch on any son of bitch, lights out, hit the pavement with plenty to spare, step back turn around see his friends are there, Now I still got issues, pushin the wrong buttons and I might loose my mind if I don't do nothing and chances are you don't stand a chance, cause I got you figured out from the very first glance, Violence runs through me, motive my disease Violence rules my mind, I can't stop this crime, Somebody's gonna die Two cents worth, I'll still make change the first to face off gets their face rearranged, cause I carry a big stick but I won't walk soft, affirmative action when the gloves come off, Well past the point of no return and I'm not lookin back and coast lines gone by the waste side, see I'm on top lookin down and hell's lookin up, we'll be seein him around, cause I forfeit the discipline off with his head, walk the fuckin plank heavy armored like a tank, bank, crank out the foot pounds, mash the accelerator fight for your life when my conscience strikes, it's like Somebody's gonna die Somebody's gonna die Look at me the wrong way you might get hurt And when I loose my sense of when to stop you're f-cked because you can't turn back the clock now can you really should have thought about it, you should have thought about it, ya Violence runnin through my mind Violence runnin through my mind