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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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No I Know (Eleven)

Sail into forever Gates are opening Precious in the tremble Naked silently forcing movement No, I know now why I’m flying Come along untie all dying More no more, no space between us No, I know Sorrow sees the beauty Only fast fading Fire in the forest Where are we hiding? Only memories... I Will Drink It All Stoned in time of yearning Labor for the rest Bless the water, hurry Glide across my past Bend my will, I’m burning Open for a moment and last at last I will take it just to give it away Always full and there in a glass, my guest I will drink it all and more if I may Bathing in illusion Ride the highest wave I tell you longing for the glory Brought into the grave Smile at me, I’m burning