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You Should Know By Now (Bofill Angela)

You ought to know by now Love is the look in my eye Lovin' the way you smile When I say "I wish you would stay" You bring out all the youth in me I laugh and cry out all the truth in me out of love You should know by now Haven't you felt by now Just what it's like to be loved Knowing that certain touch when you're sure Time won't give you more You bring out all the best in me I want to hold you till you feel the need Somehow You should know by now If I could just find the words I wouldn't be left so lonely I'm you're my one and only And I'd show you how Every move as smooth as silk Say you will Stay you will Hasn't it crossed your mind? Haven't you known all the time? Honestly tell me now has it shown? How much love is grown? The way I tremble at the sight of you I want to learn to love you through and through This I'll vow You should know by now Hmm by now You should by now Don't you think you should know by now?