Dissipate (Saviour)

Looking back to the thought To think we called this home Reminiscent bitter sweet memories I watched them dissipate Through my finger tips I felt so helpless Turn your back for it wouldn’t be the first time Your heart changes with season I’ll be fine on my own I wish forgetting was a little bit easier Your shadow looms on me Bide your time to make your mind While I quietly die The sky is bright But your shadow seems to darken my days While I quietly die The sweetest dream, turns into a nightmare A deep incision to my affliction Say it wasn’t real to make this easier Say it’s all just a fucking dream to make this easier This chapter comes to conclusion A brand new page, a brand new day For now I know, now I know I’m never coming home Fuck the memories That use to be the air that I breathe Now it’s choking me Looking back in my head just makes me think fuck Now it's choking me I’ll watch you fucking dissolve Today I shake your shadow I’ll watch you wither away to nothing I’ll watch you wither away, I watch you wither I’m never coming home, never coming home